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Exhibition 'Monsters from the Deep' in Oceanica

09.12.2017 From September 4, a new exhibition hall with 'Monsters from the Deep' begins in Oceanica. A dozen or so realistic mockups of strange creatures from the deep ocean, which can only be seen at the exhibition in Oceanica. Oceanika in the Świętokrzyska Polana Complex (Chrusty near Zagnańsk) has opened another room for visitors, with a dozen or so mock-ups of realistically recreated animals living in the deep sea. Every day inaccessible to human eyes, due to living in hard-to-reach areas and great depths, have evolved in the course of evolution a number of mechanisms enabling them to survive in extremely difficult conditions, great pressure, low oxygen concentration and darkness. A guide will guide you through the exhibition. Admission to the Exhibition is not charged extra, so all you have to do is buy a ticket to Oceaniki.