Tło Świętokrzyskie

Sieradowicki Landscape Park

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The park is located in the northern part of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains between the valley of the Kamienna River from the north and the Bodzentyńska Valley from the south. From the east, it is surrounded by the valleys of the Świślina and Pokrzywianka rivers, and from the west by the Kamionka valley. The park covers almost entirely the Sieradowice Range and Siekierzyńskie Forests. There are three nature reserves in the park, they are Wykus, Góra Sieradowska and Kamień Michniowski, as well as over twenty nature monuments, geological objects and ecological lands, including a profile of Pleistocene sediments in the Rocław loess gorge near Wąchock, a post-glacial erratic boulder near Siekierno, and rock outliers Cygańska Kapa and Biały Kamień in the Węglów forestry.


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