Tło Świętokrzyskie

Świętokrzyski National Park

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The Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest in Poland. Elevated in three different rock-forming periods, they spread over the Lesser Poland Upland, between Pilica and the Vistula. Their outlines are gentle and the heights are small. On the other hand, they fascinate with their original structure, varied vegetation and the animal world. It was also at the beginning of the 20th century that the idea of ​​protecting the area of ​​Łysogór was born. In 1908, the Polish Country-Lovers' Society - the Commission for the Protection of Natural Monuments submitted a postulate to create a nature reserve here. The period of social endeavors to create a national park in this area began almost half a century. In 1920, the first strict reserve in Chełmowa Góra was created in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. He embraced the forest complex with the natural position of the Polish larch. In 1924 two more reserves were created: the reserve on Łysa Góra and Łysica. In 1932, areas adjacent to existing reserves were partially protected. In addition, a partial reserve was created on Miejska Góra. The total area of ​​reserves was 1,347.4 ha and constituted the core of the future Park. After World War II, efforts were continued to protect the area. Their crowning was the creation of the Świętokrzyski National Park in 1950. In 1996, the Park area was enlarged by the part of the Klonowski Range and the Zapusty complex. Currently, the Park covers an area of ​​7,626.45 ha, and its buffer zone 20,786.07 ha. The Park consists of: Łysogórskie Range with the highest hills in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains - Łysica (612 m above sea level) and Łysa Góra (595 m above sea level), part of the Klonowski Range with the mountains: Psarska (415 m above sea level), Miejska (426 m above sea level) and Bukowa (484 m asl), part of the Pokrzywiański Range with Chełmowa Góra (351 m asl), and part of the Wilkowska and Dębniańska Valleys. The area of ​​the Park is administratively divided into 8 protective circuits (forestry): Chełmowa Góra, Dąbrowa, Dębno, Jastrzębie Dół, Klonów, Podgórze, Saint Catherine, Saint Cross. They carry out previously planned tasks involving the protection of natural, cultural and landscape values. In Świętokrzyski National Park, areas subject to landscape, active and strict protection have been distinguished. Human intervention is strictly prohibited in the strict protection area. It was left free to the forces of nature.


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